نمایندگی محصولات جین گلایدر در ایران

Genie X-Alps


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  • aerodynamic profile and small cross section for reduced drag
  • high-strength ripstop Dyneema fabric
  • integrated full-size cockpit with front rescue container, rescue deployable with either hand
  • carbon fibre footplate
  • Dyneema webbing and adjustment straps
  • 14cm certified moussebag back protection
  • large back pocket with pouch for hydration pack
  • routing for hydration pack / radio
  • optimal sitting position for aerodynamics and comfort on long flights
  • lightweight 2 step speedbar included


  • XS: 155-165cm
  • S: 160-170cm
  • SM: 165-175cm
  • M: 170-180cm
  • ML: 175-185cm
  • L: 180-190cm


  • 2.4 kg (M size with carbon foot plate, including certified 14cm back protection)