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Genie Race 3


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  • Double-bladed hook knife can even cut webbing
  • G-chute pocket (for "Anti-G" type drag chute)
  • 14cm mousse bag
  • large back pocket with pouches and routing for a hydration system (Camelbak) and radio, plus a zipper pocket for secure storage of small items
  • under seat pocket
  • SPOT/instrument pocket on shoulder strap
  • 2 zipped side pockets
  • flight deck pocket
  • ballast spout
  • Carbon fibre seat plate and footplate
  • 3 step speed bar
  • Delivered with Aerocone Inflatable Fairing system (AIF), rescue deployment bag, 14cm mousse bag, 3 step speed bar, 2 carabiners, carbon fibre seat plate and footplate
  • 2 options available:
  • Front rescue deck (5L ballast integrated) or flight deck (10L ballast integrated)
  • For the best possible aerodynamic performance and comfort, it's important to spend some time ensuring that your Genie Race 3 is correctly adjusted. Please watch this video for further information.


  • XS: 165cm
  • S: 160-175cm
  • M: 170-185cm
  • L: 180cm


  • XS: 6.8kg
  • S: 7.4kg
  • M: 7.8kg
  • L: 8.2kg        

Height of main attachment:

  • XS: 40cm
  • S: 42cm
  • M: 44cm
  • L: 46cm