نمایندگی محصولات جین گلایدر در ایران


Paragliders EN B

قیمت: 0 تومان
در صورت سفارش: 2 الی 6 هفته
زمان ارسال: 1 الی 3 روز
وضعیت: موجود در انبار


37 41
 FLAT  AREA 37.00m2 41.15m2
 A.R 5.35 5.35
 GLIDER WEIGHT 7.2kg 7.9kg
 WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 90-175kg 110-220kg
 EN B  
 EN (160-220kg)   B
 EN (110-159kg)   C

Technical details

  • Optimized airfoil with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for stability, handling and performance
  • Thinner profile improves take-off and reduces material weight
  • Line and riser layout optimized for big ears (large area of A3 and split A-riser)
  • Clamp cleat system to lock big ears in place
  • Long trimmers (11cm) enable greater penetration, for example in strong valley winds. The slightly negative and large positive trimmers allows you to adjust the speed over the whole weight range.
  • 20mm technora and polyester riser
  • Supplied with XXL rucksack
  • A full range of GIN accessories designed for use with the Fuse are available: harnesses, rescues, etc.


Canopy cloth

  • Top surface: Dominico 30 DMF (WR) 41g/m2
  • Bottom surface: Dominico N20 DMF (WR) 35g/mA
  • Ribs: Porcher Skytex 9017 E29A (diagonal, loaded, band) / Dominico N30 DFM 32g/m2 (unloaded, half-ribs)


  • Upper: Edelrid 7950 (Sleeved dyneema) 
  • Mid/Main: Edelrid 7343 (Sleeved technora aramid)